Comfest 2018- “Party with a Purpose”

Location: Goodale Park, 120 W. Goodale Street, Columbus, OH 43215

The weather forecasts were contradictory. Most said chance of pop-up thunderstorms, but they didn’t agree on the timing. I decided to take a “Ride on the Reading” (a Monopoly reference), and head down to Comfest I usually park SEVERAL blocks away because last year I witnessed many a car being towed since people did not read the signs carefully. About two blocks into my walk, it started raining. I ducked into an insurance business overhang content to wait out the rain. A young lady who didn’t want her name to be used joined me for about 5 minutes. When asked why she attends Comfest, she said, “To listen to music and watch people. ” The rain got her, (she was turning around and not making the festival this year).

With my old school clear poncho over my camera backpack and my gear, I decided to weather the storm so to speak and walk toward Goodale Park. On my way there, I met members of the Hardy Family taking a break from their family reunion.

Fred Graham (Cincinnati, OH), Marvin Freeman (Cleveland, OH), Elton Freeman (Savanna, GA). All smiles in on the way to Comfest.
Fred Graham (Cincinnati, OH), Marvin Freeman (Cleveland, OH), Elton Freeman (Savanna, GA). All smiles in on the way to Comfest.

Then, I watched two young ladies perform. They graciously agreed to an interview.

JAS (Just Another Story) performing at  Comfest.
JAS (Just Another Story) performing at Comfest.

JAS (Just Another Story) can be found on all social media as @slimjastv.   

SLIM stands for So Love Is Moving.

What is your goal?

Make good music and to make sure love is being spread. You just gotta make sure that you have good energy around you. That’s how you succeed.  That is how you get to where you are trying to go.

Bree the Rapper performing at Comfest.
Bree the Rapper performing at Comfest.

Bree the Rapper can be found on social media as @breetherapper.

What type of music do you perform?

Music that I feel, music that is just made with love.

Is there anything that you would like included in the blog?

My brand is YUH (Young, Unique, and Humble). That is what I would say: stay young, stay unique and stay humble. That’s my message.

What is your goal with this whole music thing?

Just make music, pay my bills and be comfortable. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Sidebar:  Although young, JAS and Bree the Rapper were very respectful and passionate about their music.  Their sounds and the two songs I listened to are different. I respect their lane.

Happy Birthday Roseann Sullivan (pictured on the right). Comfest
Happy Birthday Roseann Sullivan (pictured on the right)

Why do you come to Comfest every year?

Because it’s the best party in town. We get to see so many different people, we love the energy, the stands, the food, the drink, the music. Everybody is just happy. It’s the one place where everybody just gets along. There’s no hatred. And it’s my birthday!

The showdown: free hugs vs fire and brimstone. Comfest
The showdown: free hugs vs fire and brimstone

This is my second year coming to Comfest. And this is the second year that there is a showdown between the “fire and brimstone preachers” and the “free hugs lady.” This is the first year that I saw one of the “preachers” having a conversation with the Bible open off to the side of all the name calling.

Sidebar: The gospel of Jesus is better received from a place of having the answer to everyday issues and showing the love of Christ.

A few pictures of some of the people who attended Comfest.

Friends hanging out, Comfest
Friends hanging out
Group of people communicating thru sign language, All smiles, Comfest
All smiles…
First time attending Comfest
First time attending
An embrace at Comfest
An embrace
Zack Mayo, Susanna Mayo and Maggie at Comfest
Zack Mayo, Susanna Mayo and Maggie

When they started dating, Zack Mayo wanted a dog, but Susanna Mayo didn’t. Coming to Comfest changed Susanna’s mind. When they came to Comfest, they saw other people with their dogs. The owners and the dogs seemed to have a good time. Shortly after that, they got Maggie (summer of 2006). Maggie has been to every single Comfest since. They make it a point to get Maggie to Comfest and do it the right way. They make sure they have plenty of water and not come for very long. This is their tradition.

Yes, I made you wait to see the pictures that you expect to see taken at Comfest. Here are a few:

I love Comfest!
I love Comfest!
Volunteers rock! at Comfest
Volunteers rock!
Do what you like at Comfest
Do what you like
Another day at the office. Comfest
Another day at the office

My take on Comfest 2018:

Comfest is so much more than listening to music, and/or “people watching.”It’s so much more than people enjoying the party (however they enjoy the party). Wink wink. It’s an opportunity to connect with people that want to genuinely have a good time.