Terri Nino, owner Clay Street Ceramics

Location: 13 N. Westmoor Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204

Clay Street Ceramics
Clay Street Ceramics

Terri Nino, owner Clay Street Ceramics

We are a paint your own pottery studio. You come in and choose a piece off our shelves. We have lots and lots of things to choose from. We have a color chart. We have stamps, stencils, and we have idea books. We will help you as much as you need. You paint it. You leave it. We fire it. Then, you come back and pick up your masterpiece in about seven (7) days.

In general, about what is the price range?

Our pieces start at about $6 and can go up to about $45. The kid’s pieces are about $6 to $10. Our studio fee is $4 for kids, $6 for adults, and $5 for seniors. Occasionally, we have some good specials.

What do you consider a kid and what do you consider a senior? I think I’m a child at heart.

For kids up to about 16 or so. About 55 for a senior.

Anything else?

We do have an artisan market. It’s small, but packed full of great items. We have handmade soaps, glass fussed jewelry, small little adorable critter boxes, croquette dish towels, rustic wood signs, all kinds of goodies. It’s worth the trip over to check it out.

We offer glass fusing, wood board, and canvas acrylic painting classes.

Come in, and have fun. Relax and meet new people. Socialize and get off those phones.

There are lots of good things happening at Clay Street Ceramics.