Hilltop Art Hop

Location: 3060 Artworks, 3060 W Broad, Columbus, Ohio 43204

Gallery Hours: Friday 12-5, Saturday 10 – 5, Sunday 12-5

Patti Von Niessen, Artist
Patti Von Niessen, Artist

Tell me about the Hilltop Art Hop

We have a new fine art gallery that opened at the end of February.  On the first Saturday of each month, we have a featured artist reception with a variety of artists that participate.  Currently, we have seven (7) resident artists and two (2) featured artists. The resident artists get a key to the gallery.  The gallery is a place to show and sell our art. We share in the cost of the gallery and we don’t pay a commission when we sell our art.  We have room for about three (3) more resident artists and for several multimedia like painting, etc.  We are looking for people who can give their time once or twice a month to run the gallery, show up for the events, and for artists whose work is different than the rest of the work in the gallery.  We would love to have a few 3D artists (clary and/or ceramics).  We like to have a cross section of artists.   

If I come when the gallery is open, will I run into the artist?

It’s possible that you will run into a resident artist. You could also run into the photographer, the water color artist, the stain glass artist. “You have already.”

If I come and I want to make a purchase and the artist isn’t here, can I make a purchase?

You can purchase on the spot. We do the square thing. You can buy from any artist at any time that we are open. If you have our card and say,” hey I would like to come in and see this,” one of us will probably meet you here. There is never any pressure to buy.

Domino Art by Carol Wallenfelsz
Domino Art by Carol Wallenfelsz

Talking about Carol Wallenfelsz’s art:

What is the process for painting on the dominos?
It is totally uncontrolled. She sits there and does her painting and her stuff. She looks at it when it is done moving and grooving all over the place. If she doesn’t like it. She says, “let’s burn that___ (cuss word that means female dog -and the direct quote used was the actual curse word).

So, she destroys it?

No, she sets it on fire.


I really like the concept of painting on the dominos. I was on the fence as to whether I should purchase. In looking at my pictures, I probably need to go back and make a purchase. I like to support local. I like the concept of turning everyday objects that I use (my dad and I play dominos from time to time) into works of art.

Heather Boyer, Artist
Heather Boyer, Artist

This is my last month as a resident artist but I plan to support the gallery and stay involved. I’m a self-taught, water color artist. I love being a part of this gallery. It takes a lot of work and heart. It’s good to see something this beautiful in a place that needs beauty.

Why water color and why florals?

Water color started out as being practical. When my marriage was failing, I was home a lot. I needed to find something creative to do that didn’t get in the way. One of the things that sets water color apart is, it doesn’t have an odor. When the paint dries, it is reusable. Water color has the ability to blend and be unpredictable in the way that the colors fade together, that other paint mediums don’t have.  I love the spontaneity and that there is always an element of it that you can’t control. I like being surprised by what comes out by what I played around with.

Two of the markers for my work are; I tend to be up close. For example, all you can see are the rose pedals. It’s like you have your face right up in a bouquet. It’s because I’m not good at painting backgrounds; but, that led to a certain style that works for me. Florals are more forgiving opposed to straight lines. If you have to add a few more pedals, its organic. With straight lines, you must be more disciplined, and you can’t get away with as much. Also, when it comes to plants in real life, I tend to kill them. I don’t have a green thumb. When I paint flowers, they are flowers that won’t die on me.

Rose Klockner, Photographer
Rose Klockner, Photographer

I am a software developer who discovered photography about ten (10) years ago. I actively avoided nature for about 20 years, partly because I grew up on a farm. I rediscovered it and fell in love with it. I discovered that I really like landscapes and black and white. I like having people see that Ohio is not a fly over state and even how beautiful our metro parks are in Columbus and how beautiful our state parks are in Ohio. I have had several people look at my photos from Lake Erie and think they are from the east coast. My motto is “exploring the beauty of central Ohio and beyond” that means our sister states. I like to show people the essence of nature to make them feel like they are standing right at the spot where I took the photo.

Vince Noble, Photographer
Vince Noble, Photographer

I’m a professional photographer. I focus on landscape, nature and fine art. In a lot of my work, I choose black and white. I like the way it portrays a lot of the textures. I like the feeling of the image. Being here at 3060 Artworks is a great way to give back to the community, and help the surrounding hilltop area.

Anything else?

Yes, here at 3060 Artworks, we are doing an event called, “Hilltop Hit the Hop” the first Saturday of every month. We are coordinating with Third Way Café and Clay Street Ceramics. Our whole block is “Westgate Business Works.”  We are trying to bring small business back to the hilltop area and the Westgate neighborhood.

Are the other businesses open during the gallery hop?

Yes. Third Way Café has an acoustic Saturday night to blend in with our art hop. We will have musical artists in addition to the visual arts. Clay Street Ceramics offers painting ceramics. If your kids want to go there and paint something, it is really family friendly. We are trying to reach out to the community and bring them in.

Are you telling me that people can drop their children off at Clay Street Ceramics, then walk to 3060 Artworks and/or the Third Way Café and have an adult evening?

I think they can work that out.

I talked to the Timothy Rush owner of Third Way Café and Terri Nino the owner of Clay Street Ceramics.

Greg Phelps and Micki B. Pike displayed their cars at the Hilltop Art Hop.

My take on the Hilltop Art Hop:

I don’t know much about art. I enjoyed attending this event! The people are friendly and passionate about what they do. This is the opposite of much of what we see about the hilltop on the news. This would be a great suggestion for a date or to hang out with friends.