Emily Dearring and the “City of the Big Shoulders” game

I talked to Emily Dearring at the 24 Hour Game Marathon for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Emily Dearring, City of the Big Shoulders game 24 Hour Board Game Marathon for Nationwide Children’s Hospital 2018
Emily Dearring, City of the Big Shoulders game

My partner, Raymond Chandler III and I, are launching our game “City of the Big Shoulders” on www.kickstarter.com.

What is kickstarter?

Kickstarter is one of the best places to launch a board game. It is a crowd funding resource. Anybody who is an independent gamer or independent publisher will usually launch their games on kick starter.

It is a heavy economic Euro game set it Chicago around the turn of the century. We are excited about it because it combines 18xx game mechanics with heavy euro games.

What are you talking about?

It’s a heavy game. Anyone who is interested in economics or heavy euro games would love it. It is the first game that we are launching.

How can you be contacted?

Parallelboardgames.com and we are on Facebook as parallelgames and on twitter at parallelspiel.

Anything else?

Check us out on kickstarter. We would love for you to watch our video and check out our game. We would love to hear your feedback.