Artist Jamie Welsh

I talked to Jamie Welsh at the Columbus Arts Festival.

Artist Jamie Welsh,  Columbus Arts Festival 2019
Artist Jamie Welsh, Columbus Arts Festival 2019

I have been a woodworker for 15 years. I have always had a passion for music. I had a friend ask me to make him a Cajon. I thought that it was an amazing thing that I could make an all wood drum. I ran with it. I stumbled upon some different ideas that weren’t out there like changing the drums a little bit that made them dynamic in another way.

Does anyone use your art in live performances?

For sure. A lot of bands play them. Anywhere from your local region to Phil Collins. There are a couple of professional musicians who play my drum.  Anywhere from the camp fire all the way to the studio.

What is the price range?

$80 on up. We can get exotic and domestic wood. We can fit anybody’s need.

Do you play the drums?

I am learning, since I have been making them.

Sidebar: I loved his art! His passion for his work was contagious.