Artist Sabra Richards

I talked to Sabra Richards at the Columbus Arts Festival.

Artist Sabra Richards, Columbus Arts Festival 2019
Artist Sabra Richards, Columbus Arts Festival 2019

Tell me about your art.

What I do is a lot of fun because I can do whatever I want. Sometimes, it is hard to convince shows that what you are doing is your own work. I have worked in a lot of different disciplines of different mediums. The best part for me is to mix them up and get them to work together. I say I graduated in the dark ages with a degree in painting. Then, I was a print maker, paper maker, then, I got into glass about 20 years ago. Now, I am trying to combine glass and canvas. The reason I get into all these different mediums is because I want an outdoor sculpture or table. I say, “I’m not going to pay money, I’ll make one.” I make one then I think “Gee that was a lot of fun.” I have a 10 year rule. It takes me 4 years to get it right. Then, I do it for another 4 years, and then I’m sick of it. Then, I move onto something else. I have not ran out of decades yet.

Anything else?

People in Columbus are a lot of fun. You can kid around with them and make jokes. The response to my work has been very strong. I love you Columbus.