Blacksmith Adlai Stein

I talked to Adlai Stein at the Columbus Arts Festival.

Blacksmith Adlai Stein, Columbus Arts Festival 2019, @macabeemetals
Blacksmith Adlai Stein, Columbus Arts Festival 2019

What does a blacksmith do?

I play with fire and I hit stuff with a hammer. We can make anything you can think of out of metal. It is like hot angry clay.

We will do just about anything from functional, art, knives, and swords. We like to teach people to do what we do. We think that we should grow the craft and have more people do what we do.

Tell me about the classes. How often? How much?

They average $150 for a 3 to 4 hour class. Everything from knife making to Introductory to Blacksmith to making hooks, coat hangers, and beer bottle openers. Most of our classes are age 16 and up. We can also do private instruction for age 14. Under age 18 a parent has to be present.

Anything else?

It is a lot of fun. You must try it yourself.