Artist Andrea Johnson

I talked to Artist Andrea Johnson at the Easton Art Affair 2019

Artist Andrea Johnson, Easton Art Affair 2019
Artist Andrea Johnson, Easton Art Affair 2019

Describe your work.

I’m a glass and tile mosaic artist. Unlike most traditional mosaic artists, I use no grout or heat. They are two sided. The goal is to create a three dimensional perspective in a two dimensional space to put a smile on your face and engage you with color.

Tell me your background. How did you arrive at your process?

I am a retired law professor who wanted to be an artist as a child. My father said I had to do something intellectual. I applied at the top schools under the assumption that if I didn’t get in, then I wouldn’t have to go. I got into Harvard. Thirty years later, it’s like dad rest in peace, leave me alone. I have been doing this for five years. It’s a process of creative problem solving. I got rid of the grout and sub straight of wood. You add glass. You work on both sides. I created a process that is the best of fusion, mosaic and stained glass.

Why the music theme?

I love jazz. All music is a universal language. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you can always come together in music. I do a lot of hospice work for those who have been given between 24 and 48 hours to live. They are isolated and afraid. They are looking to find themselves in the Bible, the Koran, or the Torah so they can have a good death. I am trying to capture the beauty and have people see themselves in that beauty so that they can be in a good place.