Artist Dale Rogers

I talked to Artist Dale Rogers at the Easton Art Affair 2019.

Artist Dale Rogers, Easton Art Affair 2019
Artist Dale Rogers, Easton Art Affair 2019

Tell me about your work.

I’m a metal sculpture from Haverville, Massachusetts. I use two types of metal cor-ten steel and stainless steel. I take flat sheets and I cut, weld, and finish them into outdoor garden sculptures.

What is cor-ten steel?

The is US steels trademark metal. Cor-ten is what the government makes bridges and guard rails out of it. They use it because it has a long life and low maintenance. It will oxidize or rust for about a year, then seal itself. It has four times the lifespan of a normal steel. It is ideal for sculpting. They make kitchen sinks and boat fixtures out of stainless steel because it stays silver and shiny and holds up to water.

How long have you been doing this?

Sixteen years.

What is your background?

I grew up on a farm. I got into sculpting to become a better welder. I found out that I have a passion for it. I decided to follow my dreams.

Sidebar: You can’t help to notice his work. The pieces are large and bold and look like they took a long time to create.