Artist Gary Curtis

I talked to Artist Gary Curtis at the Easton Art Affair 2019.

Artist Gary Curtis, Easton Art Affair 2019
Artist Gary Curtis, Easton Art Affair 2019

Tell me about your work.

My work is done in water color. I have been painting in water color as a profession for thirty seven years. I have done various subjects over the years. Right now I am specializing in still lives that focus on glass and reflective subjects like silver and medal.

What is your background?

I learned some in school. Then, I studied with some professional artists when I first started my career. At that time, I was working with oil and doing portrait work. When I decided to switch to a different subject matter, I decided to teach myself how to do water color. I didn’t see a particular style that I wanted to copy. I wanted to have my own unique approach to it.  I bought some books and materials, and learned how to do it on my own.

Since you developed your own technique, what did you name it? The G Curtis?

I didn’t start whole a school myself. It is in the tradition of classic realism. They are very realistic to the point where people think they are photographs at a distance.

Sidebar: I was one of them. If I wasn’t introduced to Mr.Curtis, I would have thought his process was similar to Bob Copeland’s. It is amazing that he learned how to do what he does by buying books and trial and error.

Anything else?

You are suppose to ask me if I love my work?

Everybody loves their work. Do you want me to ask that redundant question Gary? Do you love your work?

I hate it. Chuckle.