Artist Edy Seaman

I talked to Artist Artist Edy Seaman at the Easton Art Affair 2019.

Artist Edy Seaman, Easton Art Affair 2019
Artist Edy Seaman, Easton Art Affair 2019

Tell me about your work.

I started as a glass worker. It evolved into me using the enamels which is basically powdered glass. They get siffed on copper or fine silver. I torch fire them which melts the glass and fusses to the metal underneath. Different décor techniques are adding graphite, fine silver, and texture to it. The graphite I use are drawings, so they are like little canvases to draw on. I saw a lot of my shapes out by hand. I get some unique shapes.

What is your background?

I have been making jewelry since I was twelve. I’m fifty six. In the 1970s, I started with macro jewelry. I used to own a bead shop.

Anything else?

I didn’t go to school for it. I think that is a great path, if you take it.  I am adventurous and I am not afraid to make ugly. I taught myself a lot, because I don’t’ have fear. Fear is the biggest enemy of being creative. That’s how I learn to do things, just by trying it.

Sidebar: That was the quote of the day, “Fear is the biggest enemy of being creative.”