Artist Dan Kepner

I talked to Artist Dan Kepner at the Easton Art Affair 2019.

Artist Dan Kepner, Easton Art Affair 2019
Artist Dan Kepner, Easton Art Affair 2019

Tell me about your work.

I electrocute wood with 15,000 volts of electricity. The current flows through the wood in its own path of least resistance etching in the fractal patterns. It is essentially lightning captured in wood. I will carve them out an inlay with stone, metal or meteorite. In all my wall pieces, I will burn through the panels and do relief work and back it with metal, mirror, or wood to create some contrast.

This sounds like some Frankenstein stuff.

A little bit. Science meets art.

Are the skateboards and guitars functional?

Everything is functional. Most of what I sell is art. You can choose to do whatever you want after you buy it. I personally wouldn’t ride the skate boards. I make them to be wall art.

What is the average price of your work?

About $100 for a medium size piece. My price range is from $15 to $3,500.

Anything else?

I like to play with new materials. Anywhere from patina copper, meteorite, aerospace aluminum, etc.

Sidebar: The picture doesn’t do the process justice. The part of me that rode skateboards, loves musical instruments, etc. wanted to stay a little longer and admire the work. The woman who had been carrying camera gear and interviewing people for a few hours was tired.