Zaria Ware Bake Theory Columbus

I talked to Zaria Ware the owner of Bake Theory Columbus at the Trap Yoga and Food Trucks.

Zaria Ware, Owner of Bake Theory Columbus,, Trap Yoga and Food Trucks
Zaria Ware, Owner of Bake Theory Columbus, Trap Yoga and Food Trucks

Tell me about your business.

I have been doing this for two years.  I graduated from college last year. I have been baking with my mom since I could see over the counter. My minor in college was Entrepreneurship. I thought what can I do that I really love that also makes money. Then I thought, I can bake.

Tell me, what makes you unique, like is it low calorie, keto friendly, etc.

Absolutely not. I use real butter and real sugar, It is what your grandmother made. I suggest eating in moderation.

How do we order?

You can go to  The products can be shipped to you, or I deliver within the Columbus area.

Sidebar: I tried the pound cake. It tastes just like my aunt Marlene’s pound cake. When I don’t want to take the time to make it, I will be ordering from Bake Theory Columbus.