Tony Casa of Zoo Trippin’

I talked to Tony Casa of Zoo Trippin’ at Summer Jam West 2019.

Tony Casa of Zoo Trippin’, Summer Jam West 2019
Zoo Trippin’, Summer Jam West 2019

Tell me about your band.

We started about ten years ago with a band called “Pirates of the Scioto.” Then me and Lynn, the guitarist, separated from them and started “Zoo Trip.”  Then, rebranded to “Zoo Trippin’.” We have been around for about five years as “Zoo Trippin’.”

What type of rock?

I would say, we are blues based rock. It is alternative as well. We have a little funk, a little soul and a little hip hop.

I have heard you play at other festivals. Are you gonna keep all your clothes on today?

Summer Jam West is very family friendly. I have received emails giving me a heads up that it is family friendly.

Sidebar: At another festival down town he started the set with a hat, shirt, tie, and pants by the end of the set, he had on a neck tie and boxer shorts.

Is this event important to you because you grew up in this area?

Very much so. I’m from the Hilltop. We didn’t have a whole lot of stuff like this when we were growing up. It is really cool that you can see music and do all these arts. You can get a $1 pop and a $1 snow cone with all the inflation going on in the world. We had the bean dinner and that was kind of nice, but that was it.

Anything else?

You should have asked me who are hugs and kisses.

Where do you see hugs and kisses, what are you talking about?

Hugs and Kisses is Columbus’ best kept secret. They are a theatrical act.

Are you part of it?

No, not at all. I just love talking about it because they are so rare and mind blowing.

Tony Casa of Zoo Trippin’ at Summer Jam West 2019
Zoo Trippin’ at Summer Jam West 2019

Sidebar: Talking to Tony Casa was a breath of fresh air. It is rare that performers mention other performers. After this conversation, I made it a point to stay an extra half an hour to listen to most of their set. They had the crowd hyped. My personal favorite in the set was “Signed, Sealed Delivered, I’m Yours.”