Tasha Marie Jones of Dress for Success Columbus

I talked to Tasha Marie Jones of Dress for Success Columbus at Festival Latino 2019.

Tasha Marie Jones (#DFSCMH), Dress for Success Columbus, Festival Latino 2019
Tasha Marie Jones of Dress for Success Columbus, Festival Latino 2019

Tell me about Dress for Success.

Dress for Success Columbus is a non-profit organization that provides young ladies and women with attire and services for work readiness (getting back into the workforce or starting off in the work force). We go as young as high school. We are trying to get the high school girls ready for their internships and their first jobs. We have women to women networking, professional and women’s group, and weekly workshops on Fridays on different topics. Different organizations come in. The career center is open for clients. We have computers, tutorials, mock interviews, and resume’ services. You can become a client by starting off with the suiting appointment. If you are looking for a job, we provide interview attire, head to toe. Once you get your job, you come back in for a full week’s wardrobe, head to toe.

We have volunteer opportunities and we rely heavily on donors.

What if you are plus size and already have a job, can you come in and get some clothes?

Absolutely. Lane Bryant is one of our biggest sponsors and partners.

I was joking. I was trying to determine if receiving clothing is need based.

There are no income guidelines. Some women need a wardrobe enhancement. Sometimes full time pay doesn’t stretch to wardrobe enhancement. We are here to provide services for women that are in need.

Where are you located?

We are located at the corner of Fifth and High at 1204 N, High Street. Parking is a little tough due to construction. There are three parking spots reserved in the back of the building.

Anything else?

We have two major fundraisers. The one that is coming up is Beyond the Suit luncheon, September 27. Tickets are available now. Ticket sales are through the website, www.dfscmh.org. 100% of the proceeds stay with Dress for Success. If you want to volunteer, you can fill out an application and there is an orientation that you have to complete.


I did the entire interview before someone pointed at the poster. I interviewed a Mifflin High School Alumni who I had the pleasure of coaching basketball for one year. It is great to see a Mifflin graduate pursuing their purpose and helping others.