Artist Thomas Williams

I talked to Artist Thomas Williams at the Columbus Arts Festival 2022.

Thomas Williams, Columbus Arts Festival 2022 (, Instagram: @artisthomasw), Greater Columbus Arts Council, #columbussartsfest, #artmakescbus
Artist Thomas Williams, Columbus Arts Festival 2022 (, Instagram: @artisthomasw)

Tell me about your art and your background.

I have been an artist all my life. I have been in business for about 7 years. When I decided to focus on art, a classmate from high school became a professional artist. I was able to stay with him for two weeks and it changed my life. I like to show how beautiful we are and what we deal with as people. I love using colors and telling a story.

Why come from Chicago, Illinois to Columbus, Ohio for the Columbus Arts Festival?

This is my business. I travel to different states and festivals to earn my living. I just came from Three Rivers. I was fortunate to get into this festival and bring some beauty to Columbus.

Sidebar: That’s a mess, as if we don’t have beauty already (smile).

Anything else?

I have some pieces that I think are reflective of our culture. One of my favorite pieces is, “To be conscious.” It tells you how I feel 99% of the time.

Sidebar: First interview out of the gate at the Columbus Arts Festival, Thomas Williams was clowning (joking) around.