John Rush, CEO and President of Clean Turn Enterprises

John Rush, CEO and President of Clean Turn Enterprises
John Rush, CEO and President of Clean Turn Enterprises

I met John Rush at Summer Jam West 2018.

Tell me about the organization.

Clean Turn Enterprises is a social enterprise incubator. We have three different social enterprises that we manage. For starters, there’s Clean Turn Demolition Services which provides employment for individuals coming out of incarceration. We have employed about 400 individuals in the last 6 years, providing a pathway into trades. We have She Has a Name Cleaning Services which is a residential/commercial cleaning company hiring individuals coming out of human trafficking, domestic violence, addiction, and sometimes the combination of all of the above. We have employed over 200 people (primarily women) over the last 3 years through that business. We have a little coffee shop on the west side called Third Way Café. In a polarized society when everyone thinks there is an either/or choice, we would like to think about maybe a third way of looking at things.

Is there a question that I should be asking but haven’t? If so, what is it?

What can businesses do to intentionally impact our society in a positive way especially in mass incarceration and the opioid epidemic?  Step up the game and get more engaged with the public and non-profit sectors. It’s more than just donating money. Be intentional in creating policies within your company that are conducive to working with individuals who are coming out of challenging backgrounds.