Zora’s House has a social justice mission. We believe that when women of color have what they need to disregard the status quo, to build lives and careers that recognize all of who they are, it is a better world for everybody.

We wanted to create a safe space for black women to feel that they could show up as their full selves to find some sense of calm, healing, and community. We all felt like we gathered that from being in nature. We wanted to provide a space for other black women to come together to experience that as well.

We are a faith-based organization. B.R.E.A.D. was formed because the faith community had untapped power. Here is what the faith community agrees on. They agree that God exists. We may call him different things, have different faith traditions, different congregations, and worship differently. As long as an organization can agree that God exists and He is a God of justice, you can be a part of B.R.E, A.D.

I am volunteering on behalf of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. I am the Chief Economic Equity and Inclusion Officer. It is important for me to be here to support my black community.

I love this event! Even though I missed the opportunity to experience the art being creating live and only talked to one artist, I still enjoyed the art. The experience brought back fond memories of years past, being able to watch the artist create live, interact with the artists, and interact with those enjoying the art.

For as long as I can remember, I have attended the Ohio State Fair. My father took me to the fair for the first time when I was two years old. I really don’t remember going; but, my mother told me that I came home with vanilla ice cream all over my face and my clothes.